Since Year 2004, BMTPow had developed mature BMS platforms to target varies battery applications like Laptop computer, Power tools, Medical equipments, Telecom backup storage, E-bike/E-Scooter/AGV/Consumer Drones, UPS, Energy storage system and Solar applications.

With the help of these advanced BMS platforms, BMTPow is capable to serve battery applications with varies needs like parallel connections, series connections, dry contact outputs, rich options of communication from SMBus, RS232, CAN Bus to Bluetooth and GPRS.

The BMS may adapt virtually all kinds of lithium chemistries, from 3.6/3.7V NMC type to 3.2V LiFePO4 and even 2.4V Li-titanate, the proprietary overload protection technology creates a adapative protection profile that may protect the battery from varies kind of overloading conditions yet may allow the battery to function normally during system startup, stall condition, (motor) regeneration and under high capacitive / inductive environment.

General Features

 High system level integration RISC MCU platform
 Individual cell voltage measurement
 Support LiFePO4 and other lithium chemistries
 Battery temperature monitoring
 High precision current sensing
 SOC estimation by Coulomb Counting
 FCC Self-Learning
 Smart charging and discharging control
 Hardware and software protections:
    。Over voltage & under voltage
    。Over temperature & under temperature
    。Over current, short circuit

 Over Current Protection Profiles

 SMBus 2.0 and SBData 1.1 compliant 
 5-digit LED display for remaining capacity
 Cell Balancing circuit improves effective operating 
     time and cycle life
 User configurable protection parameters
Manufacturing data storage in EEPROM
History logging in EEPROM
 Multiple operation modes effectively reduce 
     power consumption
 Firmware upgradable

Advanced Features

   CAN Bus communication
   GPRS/Bluetooth support
   Dry contact outputs
   Integrated MPPT
   Integrated DC/DC output
   Parallel cascadable
   Series cascadable
   Lead Acid Charger Compliance

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