Frequently Asked Questions - Software

1. Can I modify BMS parameters by myself ?

2. How to identify a battery is sealed or unsealed ?

3. How to unseal (unlock) the BMS in order to modify 
    the parameters ?

7. How can I unseal (unlock) the BMS in order 
    to modify the parameters ?


1. Can I modify the BMS parameters by myself ?

    Yes, except otherwise specified, user may connect a BMT102N Smart Loader to the SMBus port of a 

    prototype battery and use the dedicated Window software (e.g. SBAA-3.6.9E.exe) to read/write the 

    BMS parameters.

    For mass production version of batteries (PCMs), they are normally sealed ex-factory in order to

    prevent inadvertent write, therefore, writing is not allowed, however user may unseal (unlock) it 

    according to the unseal instruction in the FAQ.

    The differences between Unsealed and Sealed are shown in below: 

BadCell Protection

Unbalance Protection

 Check for cell voltage below certain value, this value is much below the UVP value,
normally cell voltage reaches this value
implies the cell is already damaged

 Check for serious cell imbalance;
Implies there is serious problem and
the battery should be used anymore


BadCell Protection not working

Unbalance Protection not working


Protection working

Protection working

2. How to identify a battery is sealed or unsealed ?

    User may identify whether a battery is sealed by checking the "Detail" page of either SBAA or SBAE 

    software, if the icon sealed is in red color (see below example), the battery is sealed.





Sample Flag


Write Parameters

Not Allow

Yes (some)


Change Design Capacity


Not Allow

Yes (but below the value preset in Maximum Capacity field)


Change Maximum Discharge

Current OverDisCur

Not Allow

Yes (but below the value preset in MaxDischargeCurrent (OverDisCur) field)

The maximum capacity and maximum discharge current could be changed by SBAA software 

are set here, if there is value here, also means the battery is with "sample flag", and no more 

production version.

3. How to unseal (unlock) the BMS in order to modify the parameters ?
    a. Connect the BMT102N Smart Loader to the SMBus port
    b. Run the dedicated Window software (e.g. SBAA-3.6.9E.exe)
    c. Click the "C" sign on the right side of the menu bar, then enter BMTPOW as password
    d. Click Unseal


4. How can I log the operating data to a file ?

    a. Connect the BMT102N Smart Loader to the SMBus port

    b. Run the dedicated Window software (e.g. SBAA-3.6.9E.exe)

    c. Go to the ParameterInfo page, uncheck Auto Read

    d. Click the Play button (right-arrow icon) on the center of the menu bar to start 

        recording (once clicked, an Excel file will be automatically opened in the same 

        folder where you put the SBAA program.

    e. During this time, user may change the sampling period (from 1~5 Seconds)

    f.  User may stop recording by clicking the Pause button right next to the Play 

        button, once stopped, the Excel file will be closed. Example of the Excel file

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