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BMTPow designed the smart BMS system for the 48V remote Telecom backup Lithium battery system back in 2007, this mainly serves the key Telecom operators to replace the their traditional Lead Acid batteries.

4th Generation PCM for 2U rack mount battery (2013)

The Rack Mount Lithium Battery Series are Lithium batteries mainly for Telecom/Datacom backup, they are green energy compared to Lead Acid alternatives, have the advantages of high energy density, long cycle life, excellent safety and high reliability, yet may provide remote access capabilities.

The Rack Mount Battery Series are suitable for the Telecomm FTTX Network Station, Macro Cell Base Station, Fomtocell Station and Data Centre (IDC) Server.

Without changing the original charging system, our solution, can directly replace the lead-acid batteries and may maximize the capacity by cascading multiple battery packs in parallel.

Via RS232 or optional CAN bus or GPRS, user may constantly monitors the cell temperature, individual cell voltages, pack current, remaining capacity, varies protection status and other critical battery parameters.

These technologies had been in mass production since Q3 2009 and were widely used in China Telecomm, China Unicomm and China Mobile's Telecomm Stations. 

                        GPRS / CAN bus support
                        Dry contact outputs

Rack Mount Batteries

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