Release new 51.1V/80Ah (4KWh) 5KW battery pack with CAN bus
Views:1258      Date:2016-3-16
 2016-3-16   Release new 51.1V/80Ah (4KWh) 5KW battery pack with CAN bus

                    SOLAR-BAT-4KWH-a is a Twin-battery system where contains two identical battery modules, 

                    each battery module is 14S1P, 51.1V 40Ah, support maximum continuous charge/discharge 

                    current of 15A/50A, as a result the SOLAR-BAT-4KWH-a is 51.1V 80Ah, with maximum 

                    continuous discharge capability of 100A.

                    The battery modules are inherently designed so that they can be connected in parallel to 

                    increase the output power and total capacity.

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