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Telecom base station, data center are all mission critical and not allowed for interruption.
Traditionally Telecom operation room or IDC center needs 12V/24V or 48V backup batteries to power the equipments in case of power failure.

Traditional way of supplying electricity to these applications are array of Deep-Cycle Flooded Lead-Acid Batteries (FLA) or Valve Regulated 

Lead Acid Batteries (VRLA).

However both FLA and VRLA batteries got their advantages and disadvantages, but never leverage on cost, maintenance, depth of discharge, 

handling and safety;  Also drawbacks of using lead acid battery including lack of remote monitoring, air-conditioning is highly depended and etc.

BMTPow is a pioneer in the field to sampled the first LiFePO4 based rack mount battery system on 2008, and ran into mass production on Q3 2009.

BMTPow had invented the technologies used in this application, such as parallel charging and discharging, adapt to lead acid battery charger, dry contact output, SOC/SOH monitoring via RS232 or GPRS, dry contact outputs, adapt to high capacitive loading, able to resist harmful floating charging, etc.

PC monitoring software

Main Features

  •   19-inch industrial Rack Mount casing
  •   1U/2U/3U/4U height
  •   DC 12V/24V/48V output 
  •   Front panel LED or LCD for SOC/SOH display, buzzer for alarm warning
  •   Directly replacing Lead Acid Batteries
  •   Smart protections: over/under voltage, over/under temperature, over current
  •   Cell balancing circuit improves effective operating time and cycle life
  •   SOC/SOH status reporting via RS232 (RJ11) interface
  •   Extra Capacity by cascading multiple packs in parallel
  •   Optional 

                        GPRS / CAN bus support
                        Dry contact outputs  

Brochures and Flyers 

        Rack Mount Batteries 

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Application Note / User Guide

Tools & Software


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